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A dark basilisk guards its treasure over a pile of bones.


Set in a 14.5cm wide x 10cm high x 4cm deep curved rectangle, a 3D printed basilisk head emerges from a stone covered in gold leaf.  Below the basilisk are a pile of genuine mouse bones (collected from owl pellets) and a 3D printed sword.  Golden resin gems sit alongside a natural white geode and pebbles.  Background flora is dried grasses, moss and strands from a peacock feather.


The naturescape sits on an opaque resin base flecked with gold leaf, an LED strip runs through it controlled by an on / off push button and USB connection.  


*While all pictures are as clear as possible some colour / clarity variation can occur in resin.  Please contact me if you would like more information about any aspect of the piece.

The Basilisk's Treasure

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